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gayest sport on earth

somebody’s obviously never heard of turkish oil wrestling



you have not LIVED until you’ve seen live Turkish oil wrestling.

why is he putting his hand in his pants

That’s how you win. By securing a grip on the “kisbet” (the special type of pants the wrestlers wear) and then pinning the opponent is how victory is achieved. The loser will then kiss the victor’s hand as a sign of respect and admiration. 

that sport was so made up as an explanation for two guys getting caught going at it



they oil each other up 

im crying here 

This post literally gets gayer each time it appears on my dash. What the fuck?!?! This is like the most elaborate act that ever required a constant “no homo” to be chimed.

omg like.. the oil wrestling, i died.

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April fools

This guy came in in a suit and tie today and I shit you not he gets down on his knee and asks me to go to a dance with him. Being unaware of any dances I declined saying “I was not prepared for this” and he looks up to me with a hurt look and says “I guess I got April fooled..” and I cried for like 3 days

Today’s conversation with Advantage.

6:11 AM - Vandarium™: What video game character do you most compare yourself to?
6:12 AM - Adv: I don’t, really.
6:12 AM - Vandarium™: No?
6:12 AM - Vandarium™: Hm.
6:12 AM - Adv: Nupe.
6:13 AM - Adv: I am who I am. If youd have asked me 6 years ago id have been a depressed wreck calling myself just a huge failure. BUt you ask me today, and I dont know how to respond.
6:12 AM - Vandarium™: You’re weird. :3
6:13 AM - Vandarium™: ..oh
6:13 AM - Vandarium™: Now I feel bad
6:13 AM - Vandarium™: Grats
6:13 AM - Adv: I went through depression before I found religion
6:13 AM - Adv: and
6:13 AM - Adv: Now im like
6:13 AM - Adv: Devoted to helping people for the rest of my life
6:13 AM - Adv: I just need to get myself out of a huge debt situation
6:14 AM - Adv: And don’t feel bad.
6:14 AM - Adv: I’m happier than I could ever be
6:14 AM - Adv: Hell im making a huge website atm, for a game development company
6:14 AM - Adv: That’s a huge step in my life, for me.
6:15 AM - Adv:
6:15 AM - Adv: This goes live today.
6:15 AM - Adv: And i’m gonna be so fucking happy when it does.
6:15 AM - Vandarium™: :) It truely is people like you that inspire me the most, Adv. I tries hard to get religion in my life, but all the churches here suck.
6:15 AM - Vandarium™: Tried*
6:16 AM - Adv: Church is not where religion starts in my mind.
6:16 AM - Adv: For me, it was a youth group.
6:16 AM - Adv: And Christianity isnt about a strict set of rules and regulations like a church is
6:17 AM - Adv: Its about an ongoing relationship with God. The one who.. has changed my life so immensely, who every day answers my prayers.
6:18 AM - Vandarium™: Honestly, Adv, if you had told me that a year ago, or even six months ago, I would have laughed at you. :/ But now I long for some kind of relationship.. to feel happy again.
6:19 AM - Adv: I don’t know where abouts to direct you, or where to show you who to get into contact with as I’m in the UK. I know the sources of this sort’ve thing here.
6:19 AM - Adv: My faith started at an event.
6:20 AM - Adv: I only know of one event similar to it in the US, and it’s called Passion
6:20 AM - Adv:
6:22 AM - Vandarium™: I have to look into this..
6:25 AM - Vandarium™: No one knows. Knows about people like me. How do you describe me from what you know? The little you do, of course.
6:26 AM - Adv: You’re a friendly guy.
6:26 AM - Vandarium™: I’ve always tried to treat other the way I desire to be treated.
6:27 AM - Adv: And I have a lot of respect for you with that.
6:28 AM - Vandarium™: However, there’s always the heart behind every person. ..can I show you something? Its a video.. depressing, but the only way I can fully describe myself without breaking into tears.
6:28 AM - Adv: Sure.
6:29 AM - Vandarium™:
6:34 AM - Adv: Idk what to say man.
6:37 AM - Adv: Just know, there are always people here for you. Throughout thick and thin. And for as long as I’m around on the net, i’ll do my best to try.
6:37 AM - Adv: You’re a fucking awesome person.
6:37 AM - Vandarium™: The way I act online, the way I make friends.. it just seems so much easier there. I’d love to live as Alexsis, or as Synthia, fighting the bugs alongside /friends/.
6:37 AM - Vandarium™: And I know that sounds silly, but it’s true.
6:38 AM - Adv: Me too.
6:38 AM - Adv: There are things about my chars
6:39 AM - Vandarium™: Things?
6:39 AM - Adv: I’d love to have the courage
6:39 AM - Adv: and determination that I can portray in my characters
6:39 AM - Adv: the confidence that ive never been able to have
6:40 AM - Adv: for example
6:40 AM - Vandarium™: Ah, yes..
6:43 AM - Vandarium™: I’d love to have the courage to run up to a bug, and fill it with shotgun, or shoot a nuke into a hole filled with enemies, be able to win the hearts of fellow soldiers, or the heart of one person with my courage and determination.
6:44 AM - Adv: you know, for 6 years since i became a christian ive been battling with the idea of being baptised.
6:44 AM - Adv: It means I have to stand infornt of a room of people who I dont think like me much
6:44 AM - Adv: give a testimony to how I became a christian
6:44 AM - Adv: Get immersed in a pool of water
6:44 AM - Adv: and come out the other side
6:45 AM - Adv: Its taken me six years to gather up the strength to do that.
6:45 AM - Adv: But, I’m now happy to do that.. Sunday.
6:46 AM - Vandarium™: I’m happy you’ve found your courage Adv. :)
6:46 AM - Adv: And you will too.
6:46 AM - Adv: Time is just
6:46 AM - Adv: such a hard hard thing for all of us
6:48 AM - Vandarium™: Heh..yeah. it either flies, or doesn’t move at all, it feels like. I just wish it’d fly…
6:49 AM - Vandarium™: It’d make it easier to muster strength, that’s for sure.
6:49 AM - Adv: Mmhm.
6:50 AM - Vandarium™: How’s you’re day been?
6:50 AM - Vandarium™: Your*
6:52 AM - Vandarium™: And what time is it there?
6:53 AM - Adv: Its 1PM here.
6:53 AM - Adv: And its been a pain.
6:53 AM - Adv: Im arguing between the dev team on this project atm
6:53 AM - Adv: To make sure this site goe slive today
6:54 AM - Vandarium™: I hope it turns out for the better on your end
6:55 AM - Adv: iT WILL
6:55 AM - Adv: * It will
6:55 AM - Adv: Tihs project doesnt launch without me
6:55 AM - Vandarium™: Heh. That’s good.
7:10 AM - Vandarium™: Thank you so much for the conversation this morning.. for me, rather.
7:12 AM - Adv: I’m always gonna be here to talk :)
7:12 AM - Adv: I enjoy talking.
7:12 AM - Vandarium™: I do too. Mind if I hide you in my pocket and talk to you during school?
7:14 AM - Vandarium™: :P
7:15 AM - Adv: I’m quite busy today, so I probably need to work.
7:15 AM - Vandarium™: Ah, okay.
7:16 AM - Vandarium™: I wish you good luck on your endeavors then, I’m going to turn my phone off.
7:17 AM - Vandarium™: Have a good day. :)

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