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April fools

This guy came in in a suit and tie today and I shit you not he gets down on his knee and asks me to go to a dance with him. Being unaware of any dances I declined saying “I was not prepared for this” and he looks up to me with a hurt look and says “I guess I got April fooled..” and I cried for like 3 days

Today’s conversation with Advantage.

6:11 AM - Vandarium™: What video game character do you most compare yourself to?
6:12 AM - Adv: I don’t, really.
6:12 AM - Vandarium™: No?
6:12 AM - Vandarium™: Hm.
6:12 AM - Adv: Nupe.
6:13 AM - Adv: I am who I am. If youd have asked me 6 years ago id have been a depressed wreck calling myself just a huge failure. BUt you ask me today, and I dont know how to respond.
6:12 AM - Vandarium™: You’re weird. :3
6:13 AM - Vandarium™: ..oh
6:13 AM - Vandarium™: Now I feel bad
6:13 AM - Vandarium™: Grats
6:13 AM - Adv: I went through depression before I found religion
6:13 AM - Adv: and
6:13 AM - Adv: Now im like
6:13 AM - Adv: Devoted to helping people for the rest of my life
6:13 AM - Adv: I just need to get myself out of a huge debt situation
6:14 AM - Adv: And don’t feel bad.
6:14 AM - Adv: I’m happier than I could ever be
6:14 AM - Adv: Hell im making a huge website atm, for a game development company
6:14 AM - Adv: That’s a huge step in my life, for me.
6:15 AM - Adv:
6:15 AM - Adv: This goes live today.
6:15 AM - Adv: And i’m gonna be so fucking happy when it does.
6:15 AM - Vandarium™: :) It truely is people like you that inspire me the most, Adv. I tries hard to get religion in my life, but all the churches here suck.
6:15 AM - Vandarium™: Tried*
6:16 AM - Adv: Church is not where religion starts in my mind.
6:16 AM - Adv: For me, it was a youth group.
6:16 AM - Adv: And Christianity isnt about a strict set of rules and regulations like a church is
6:17 AM - Adv: Its about an ongoing relationship with God. The one who.. has changed my life so immensely, who every day answers my prayers.
6:18 AM - Vandarium™: Honestly, Adv, if you had told me that a year ago, or even six months ago, I would have laughed at you. :/ But now I long for some kind of relationship.. to feel happy again.
6:19 AM - Adv: I don’t know where abouts to direct you, or where to show you who to get into contact with as I’m in the UK. I know the sources of this sort’ve thing here.
6:19 AM - Adv: My faith started at an event.
6:20 AM - Adv: I only know of one event similar to it in the US, and it’s called Passion
6:20 AM - Adv:
6:22 AM - Vandarium™: I have to look into this..
6:25 AM - Vandarium™: No one knows. Knows about people like me. How do you describe me from what you know? The little you do, of course.
6:26 AM - Adv: You’re a friendly guy.
6:26 AM - Vandarium™: I’ve always tried to treat other the way I desire to be treated.
6:27 AM - Adv: And I have a lot of respect for you with that.
6:28 AM - Vandarium™: However, there’s always the heart behind every person. ..can I show you something? Its a video.. depressing, but the only way I can fully describe myself without breaking into tears.
6:28 AM - Adv: Sure.
6:29 AM - Vandarium™:
6:34 AM - Adv: Idk what to say man.
6:37 AM - Adv: Just know, there are always people here for you. Throughout thick and thin. And for as long as I’m around on the net, i’ll do my best to try.
6:37 AM - Adv: You’re a fucking awesome person.
6:37 AM - Vandarium™: The way I act online, the way I make friends.. it just seems so much easier there. I’d love to live as Alexsis, or as Synthia, fighting the bugs alongside /friends/.
6:37 AM - Vandarium™: And I know that sounds silly, but it’s true.
6:38 AM - Adv: Me too.
6:38 AM - Adv: There are things about my chars
6:39 AM - Vandarium™: Things?
6:39 AM - Adv: I’d love to have the courage
6:39 AM - Adv: and determination that I can portray in my characters
6:39 AM - Adv: the confidence that ive never been able to have
6:40 AM - Adv: for example
6:40 AM - Vandarium™: Ah, yes..
6:43 AM - Vandarium™: I’d love to have the courage to run up to a bug, and fill it with shotgun, or shoot a nuke into a hole filled with enemies, be able to win the hearts of fellow soldiers, or the heart of one person with my courage and determination.
6:44 AM - Adv: you know, for 6 years since i became a christian ive been battling with the idea of being baptised.
6:44 AM - Adv: It means I have to stand infornt of a room of people who I dont think like me much
6:44 AM - Adv: give a testimony to how I became a christian
6:44 AM - Adv: Get immersed in a pool of water
6:44 AM - Adv: and come out the other side
6:45 AM - Adv: Its taken me six years to gather up the strength to do that.
6:45 AM - Adv: But, I’m now happy to do that.. Sunday.
6:46 AM - Vandarium™: I’m happy you’ve found your courage Adv. :)
6:46 AM - Adv: And you will too.
6:46 AM - Adv: Time is just
6:46 AM - Adv: such a hard hard thing for all of us
6:48 AM - Vandarium™: Heh..yeah. it either flies, or doesn’t move at all, it feels like. I just wish it’d fly…
6:49 AM - Vandarium™: It’d make it easier to muster strength, that’s for sure.
6:49 AM - Adv: Mmhm.
6:50 AM - Vandarium™: How’s you’re day been?
6:50 AM - Vandarium™: Your*
6:52 AM - Vandarium™: And what time is it there?
6:53 AM - Adv: Its 1PM here.
6:53 AM - Adv: And its been a pain.
6:53 AM - Adv: Im arguing between the dev team on this project atm
6:53 AM - Adv: To make sure this site goe slive today
6:54 AM - Vandarium™: I hope it turns out for the better on your end
6:55 AM - Adv: iT WILL
6:55 AM - Adv: * It will
6:55 AM - Adv: Tihs project doesnt launch without me
6:55 AM - Vandarium™: Heh. That’s good.
7:10 AM - Vandarium™: Thank you so much for the conversation this morning.. for me, rather.
7:12 AM - Adv: I’m always gonna be here to talk :)
7:12 AM - Adv: I enjoy talking.
7:12 AM - Vandarium™: I do too. Mind if I hide you in my pocket and talk to you during school?
7:14 AM - Vandarium™: :P
7:15 AM - Adv: I’m quite busy today, so I probably need to work.
7:15 AM - Vandarium™: Ah, okay.
7:16 AM - Vandarium™: I wish you good luck on your endeavors then, I’m going to turn my phone off.
7:17 AM - Vandarium™: Have a good day. :)

[LOOC] William Shales: ERROR
This is not a valid command!
[LOOC] William Shales: what is that
Alexsis Davis has used ‘/SalesmanRemove’.
You have removed a salesman.
[LOOC] Alexsis Davis: easy
Alexsis Davis has used ‘/InvAction weapon_frag use’.
Alexsis Davis has killed William Shales with aura_hands.
[OOC] Alexsis Davis: Have a stuck
[OOC] William Shales: :L
Billy Hong has taken damage from Victor Checkov with aura_hands.
[A korean descended ma…] says “faggot”
worldspawn has killed Victor Checkov.
worldspawn has killed Billy Hong.
[OOC] Alexsis Davis: Problem solved.jpeg
Half-Life 2 RP
Victor Checkov has used ‘/Me stands up, not even wiping’.
** [Man with a Russian ac…] stands up, not even wiping
[LOOC] Johnathan Isaac: gtfo
[LOOC] Johnathan Isaac: son
Victor Checkov has used ‘/Y COMMANDO FUCKKERS!’.
[Man with a Russian ac…] yells “COMMANDO FUCKKERS!”
Victor Checkov has used ‘/Me walks out of the room, forgetting to pull his pants up’.
** [Man with a Russian ac…] walks out of the room, forgetting to pull his pants up
Victor Checkov has used ‘/Y HEY!’.
[Man with a Russian ac…] yells “HEY!”
Victor Checkov has used ‘/Y WHo the fuck said that!?’.
[Man with a Russian ac…] yells “WHo the fuck said that!?”
[Male |5 Feet 8 Inches…] says “What exactly is this, stabilizer?”
Alexsis Davis has used ‘/PlyKick Victor Excessive OOC’.
Alexsis Davis has kicked ‘Victor Checkov’ (Excessive OOC).
-Ace- has disconnected from the server.
[OOC] Alexsis Davis: Do I win a prize yet?
Half-Life 2 RP
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